Fireplaces Leeds


Here at Leeds Gas Showroom, it may look like we only sell kitchen appliances, however we are a leading supplier of fires and fireplaces Leeds. We stock a huge variety of different fireplaces from a wide range of fireplace manufacturers at amazing prices. If you’re looking for great advice on purchasing a new fire or fireplace, or if you’re looking to purchase a new fire or fireplace for your home or business in Leeds, come down to Leeds Gas Showroom today or call us on 0113 243 6766 to talk to one of our experienced and friendly team members.

Why choose to have a fire or a fireplace?

Fireplaces are often seen as old fashioned and retro. However in recent years, fires and fireplaces have made a modern comeback. Many designs have been updated to keep up with the ever-improving interior fashion designs. Some have even been completely overhauled, with new futuristic designs coming through. What we are certain about, whatever design of fire or fireplace you choose, is that having a fire or fireplace is a fashion statement and will make you the talk of your friends. Fireplaces used to be one of the key sources of heat for homes and businesses, however with the recent development of central heating and radiators, they are no longer heavily relied on for heating rooms and homes. They can create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in your living room, dining room or any other room in your home.

How to choose the best fire or fireplace

Here at Leeds Gas Showroom, we understand that choosing the perfect fire or fireplace for your home or business can be confusing and difficult. With a huge range of different designs, colours and input source, there are a lot to choose from. We like to keep it simple. So when you visit our showroom in Leeds looking for a new fire or fireplace, one of our team will sit down with you and talk through with you what your requirements are. They will then be able to show you a variety of different fireplaces or fires that suit your requirements. They will walk you through each benefit of each and let you know if we are running a special promotion on it. Likewise, if you call our showroom on 0113 243 6766, one of our team will be able to answer any questions that you may have regarding fires and fireplaces.

If you are looking for a new fireplace or fire for your home or business in Leeds, then Leeds Gas Showroom is the place to visit. We have many of the fires and fireplaces that we stock on display in our showroom so that you are able to view them in person and gauge whether they would be suitable for your room in your home or business. Visit us in store today or call us on 0113 243 6766 to talk to one of the team about our many different fireplaces Leeds and their specifications.