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We rely on our fridges to keep our foods fresh and safe to eat. Fridge manufacturers have concentrated on developing better fridges for us to be able to store our foods for longer without spoiling their quality or racking up huge energy bills. However, keeping your fridge a tidy and clean place to store food can be difficult. Containers or packaging leak, or old and forgotten foods sit unused at the back, way past their ‘use by’ date. Here at Leeds Gas Showroom, we understand this common problem and have come up with our top fridge Leeds storage tips for you to follow and revolutionise your food storage methods. Take a look below or call us on 0113 243 6766 to have a chat to one of our team.

Organising Your Fridge

You may have learnt back at school or in a catering job, that there is a specific way that you should organise your fridge so that the risk of cross food contamination is lowered. This method is as follows:

  • Upper shelves - These are to hold your foods that don’t need cooking such as cooked meats, ready meals & condiments.
  • Middle Shelves - You should store your dairy foods in the middle such as cheeses, milk and eggs.
  • Bottom Shelves - This should be for your raw meats and fish as these can be dangerous if they touch fresh foods and cause cross contamination.
  • Drawers - These are specifically designed to hold your fresh fruit and vegetables as it stops them freezing by being shoved to the back.
  • Door shelves - As this is the warmest part of the fridge, it is most suited for your condiments and drinks.

Finding the Perfect Temperature

Different foods require to be stored in different temperatures for them to stay as fresh as possible for the longest period of time. Many fridges allow you to set the temperature of it, whilst some models automatically set the temperature for you. Furthermore, there are also fridge models that allow you to set different temperatures for different parts of the fridge so your raw meat section could be kept cooler than your condiments on the top shelf. The general rule of thumb, however, is to set your fridge to between 1 degrees to 4 degrees. This is so that your foods inside are all maintained at 5 degrees or lower, which lowers the chance of bacteria growing. We recommend never putting hot foods straight in your fridge as this can raise the temperature and put your foods at risk of bacteria growing and spoiling them faster.

Containing Foods

You should ensure that all of your foods are in secure containers when storing them in your fridge. This will stop any liquids from dripping onto your other foods inside your fridge, as well as odours from penetrating open foods, such as eggs and vegetables. The best method is to use airtight containers that can clip close and allow for freezing. You can also use bowls and wrap them tightly in cling film or bags. To make your life easier and to stop you rummaging around in your fridge for a certain food, we recommend labelling your foods too with the name or description of what it is and the date that you cooked it. This way you will be able to easily find your foods and know when a food needs to be eaten by before it goes off.

Fridge Leeds

Our Top  Fridge Storage Tips

  1. Keep it clean - Make sure that you regularly clean the inside of your fridge, as well as the shelves and handles to keep any bacteria away from your foods.

  2. Keep raw and cooked foods separate - This is important for health reasons as raw food can be very dangerous!

  3. Keep your fruit and vegetables at the front - The back of your fridge is generally colder than the front, which means your fragile fruit and vegetables can become damaged by the frost at the back.

  4. Keep eggs consistent - To enjoy eggs at their best, try to keep their temperature consistent, which is easy to do if you keep them in the centre of your fridge.

  5. Don’t store in your fridge - Avocados, bananas, peaches and plums shouldn’t be stored in your fridge as they are gas releases and can spoil your other foods

If you’re looking to upgrade your fridge to keep your food fresher for longer, or to be able to store more fresh food in your home at once, visit Leeds Gas Showroom today or call us on 0113 243 6766 for advice and great prices on a wide range of fridges