Washing Machine Programs Explained

Having a washing machine in your home has become a necessity. Previously, people would take their laundry to a laundrette which was time-consuming and inconvenient. This is why washing machine manufacturer have focused on developing and designing washing machines that are able to do wash all of your laundry in one machine, such as bedding, sports clothing and our regular clothes. Although, this has meant that washing machines have numerous different temperatures & programmes which means they can be confusing to set up to wash our laundry. Here at Leeds Gas Showroom, we are here to help! We have over 20 years experience in a washing machine and other kitchen appliance sales, and have collated the most common washing machine Leeds wash programmes with a description of what they do so you can get the most out of your appliance. Call us today for more information or to learn more about our range of washing machines on 0113 243 6766.

Hand Wash/Delicate Wash Programme

Washing our silk or cashmere clothing can be risky. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people washing their beloved delicate laundry item and it shrinking or becoming misshapen and therefore ruined. This is why washing machine manufacturers have taken this into consideration and created a specific programme that allows you to wash your delicate laundry without ruining them. These handwash or delicate programmes use low temperatures, generally, 40 degrees or below, They also spin the laundry more gently and use fewer (if any) spins so that it lowers the chance of your items of clothing snagging or ripping in the drum. If you are unsure whether a piece of laundry requires a handwash or delicate wash, you should check the label as this will specify which wash temperatures are suitable for it to be washed in.

Cotton Wash Programme

As one of the most commonly used and widely suited programme, the cotton wash programme is suitable for coloured laundry and most fabrics. Generally, a cotton programme runs at 40 degrees or 60 degrees and will spin the laundry inside so that they get a thorough cleaning. Cotton is a highly durable material and is unlikely to shrink or become misshapen when washed at a temperature above 40 degrees. Similarly, cotton clothing and other laundry items hold their colour so there is very little risk of your colours from running and spoiling lighter pieces of laundry.

Extra Spin

Sometimes it may be necessary for you to run an extra spin on your just-washed laundry. This is because the clothing may have held more water than wanted which means that it will take longer to dry. Some machines offer an option to choose the number of extra spins so that you are able to get your desired dryness without trial and error.

Quick Wash

We have all experienced the Monday morning rush. You wake up and realise you have not washed your work/school uniform. This is where a quick wash programme comes handy. Most washing machines have this programme due to the popularity of it. Generally, the quick wash programme is used to freshen up clothing and is not designed to lift tough stains from laundry items. However, washing machine Leeds manufacturers are developing their quick wash programmes so that they are able to penetrate stains and clean your laundry using less water and electricity, and therefore lowering the running costs of your machine.

Sports Programme

If you have a keen sports person in your home, you will understand the difficulty of keeping their sports kit clean and free of mud stains. Washing machines now have specific sports programmes that are designed to thoroughly wash items of clothing at a high temperature with a high number of spins to remove any stains effectively. In some cases, the sports programme will perform a number of water changes to guarantee full stain removal.

Here at Leeds Gas Showroom, we understand the importance of keeping your clothing and other laundry items clean and stain free. This is why we stock a huge range of different washing machines from a wide variety of big name manufacturers for you to choose from. What’s more is that the washing machines that we stock are all available at amazingly low prices, with the option for home delivery, installation and disposal of your old appliance. If you’re looking to upgrade your current washing machine Leeds, please call 0113 243 6766 and one of our team will be able to assist you on choosing the best appliance to suit you.